ConsentCheq GDPR “Compliance Development Kit” Eases Notice and Consent Burden For Global Enterprises

ISSUED BY | April 20, 2016

Library of pre-built compliance models and cloud services enable DPOs to easily test and optimize GDPR compliance strategy

YORK, PA, USA. – April 20, 2016 /Wire4Tech/ Today, PrivacyCheq announced the ConsentCheq Compliance Development Kit (CDK) , a new privacy compliance service that provides enterprise data privacy officers (DPOs) and their consultants with a complete set of technical tools and sample models that dramatically reduce the time and effort required to prototype and optimize compliance with the recently ratified EU General Data Protection Regulation (known as the GDPR).

In order to comply with the GDPR, businesses that process EU user data must capture and log user consent to personal data collection, provide users with the ability to see what has been collected, give users the ability to revoke their consent and erase their data, and be able to notify users in a timely manner in the event of a data breach.  Because these complex user interactions are new, enterprises seeking GDPR compliance will require technical changes to their websites and apps in accordance with GDPR’s ‘data protection by design’ mandate.

Roy Smith, PrivacyCheq CEO said “The GDPR impacts not just EU-based companies, but every enterprise with a global online presence, as well as manufacturers of products that touch user privacy such as ‘Internet of Things’ devices.  Unlike most privacy laws, compliance with the GDPR’s notice and consent strictures requires new technical development. We created the ConsentCheq CDK to enable IT departments and compliance consultants to prototype, test, and optimize the compliance strategy of each device, web site or app quickly and inexpensively compared to building custom in-house solutions.”

Smith continued “When optimal compliance strategies for all user touchpoints have been tested, proven and are ready to deploy, an enterprise can choose to build their own compliance backend technology or continue using ConsentCheq’s Amazon AWS-based SAAS infrastructure, built to handle hundreds of millions of daily API requests, easily handling the traffic demands of even the largest enterprises.”

The ConsentCheq CDK includes cloud-based tools to facilitate GDPR notice and consent compliance, specifically Articles 6, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 34, and 53.  A library of working model implementations illustrates a variety of potential multi-lingual compliance scenarios for both nonidentified and identified adult users, children under varying consent age and their parental guardians.  To encourage rigorous testing and optimization, the ConsentCheq CDK license includes six months of unlimited access to the ConsentCheq cloud services.

The ConsentCheq CDK is available for worldwide licensing immediately. For pricing, contact   More information is available at


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