London-Based Detracker and PrivacyCheq Announce Streamlined GDPR Compliance Solution For Small and Midsized Businesses

PrivacyCheq and Detracker announce a worldwide partnership agreement to provide a comprehensive compliance solution for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Detracker is the first online privacy advisory firm in Europe working specifically with startups. It provides technical and cyber security assessments as well as GDPR oriented advice – making it a one stop shop for small and medium businesses.


Cohere Named Finalist in 5G World Awards

Cohere Technologies was nominated for the 5G World Awards for its groundbreaking wireless modulation, Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space, or OTFS. Cohere developed this patented wireless modulation to address the most critical issues facing wireless communications today – capacity, coverage and cost. Currently, OTFS is being evaluated by the 3GPP for inclusion in forthcoming 5G wireless standards. At the most recent 3GPP meeting, Cohere received public support from AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica and Telstra, and the standards body voted to further evaluate OTFS technology.


Kochava Perfects Closed-Loop Mobile Marketing with Launch of Kochava Media Guide

Through the new Kochava Media Guide, an exhaustive database of over 50,000 digital and mobile advertising vendors worldwide, advertisers planning campaigns can discover new mobile ad vendors based on specific criteria or markets, evaluate their capabilities, and communicate directly with them – all without leaving the Kochava platform. Advertisers are able to leverage this research data and pre-campaign communication in the existing core interface of the Kochava measurement, tracking, and analytics suite. This is the first time Advertisers have been able to ‘Close the Loop’ on mobile marketing, empowering them to plan, execute, and measure their advertising campaigns, all within a single platform.


ABI Research Names Cohere Technologies a Hot Tech Innovator

Cohere Technologies was named a “Hot Tech Innovator and Company to Watch” by UK-based industry analyst firm ABI Research. ABI Research identified 60 innovative young and reinvented companies in the 2016 edition of its annual top technology innovators report that are set to transform the technology marketplace. Cohere Technologies was included for its transformative technology on “the path to 5G and the future network.”


ConsentCheq GDPR “Compliance Development Kit” Eases Notice and Consent Burden For Global Enterprises

PrivacyCheq announces the ConsentCheq Compliance Development Kit (CDK) , a new privacy compliance service that provides enterprise data privacy officers (DPOs) and their consultants with a complete set of technical tools and sample models that dramatically reduce the time and effort required to prototype and optimize compliance with the recently ratified EU General Data Protection Regulation (known as the GDPR).


Kochava First to Support Measurement for Chatbots

Kochava, the mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company, today announced comprehensive measurement support for Chatbots. Chatbots let people message with businesses the way they would message with a friend, and as brands explore Chatbots as a new tool to drive customer interaction, Kochava is the first to provide tracking and measurement at scale for this emerging digital marketing channel.


Mobile Ad Industry Heavyweights Join Kochava, Expanding Mobile Attribution Leadership Globally

Kochava, the mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company, today announced two new executives have joined the company in an effort to continue the three year trend of annual growth, over 300%, the company has enjoyed. Kochava also announced new offices in New York, London and Singapore, and an explosion in network integrations, now totaling more than 2,000 globally.


Fairchild’s Next-Generation PowerTrench MOSFETs Deliver Best-in-Class Performance

Fairchild (NASDAQ: FCS) today launched the flagship device of the company’s newest generation of 100V N-channel power MOSFETs, the FDMS86181 100V Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFET. The FDMS86181 is the first part in Fairchild’s new generation of PowerTrench MOSFETs and it delivers substantial improvements in efficiency, reduced voltage ringing and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI) for power supplies, motor drives and other applications requiring a 100V MOSFET.


Kochava & TalkingData Partner to Bring World Class Mobile Attribution Services to Advertisers

Kochava, the mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company, and TalkingData, China’s largest independent Big Data service platform, today announced a strategic partnership giving TalkingData’s 80,000+ customers instant access to the Kochava global footprint of more than 2,000 networks and publishers, for easy expansion to the international market.


Cohere Again Named One of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by Global Silicon Valley

Cohere Technologies today announced that for the second year in a row it has been named by Global Silicon Valley (GSV) as one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies around the world in its recently released GSV Pioneer 250 List. Global Silicon Valley’s annual GSV Pioneer 250 List honors the companies that are poised to become the next generation of game-changing businesses.