Fairchild Addresses Thermal and Brownout Issues of Mobile Devices with New Buck-Boost Regulator

ISSUED BY | September 1, 2016

FAN49103 is the Newest Addition to Industry-Leading Family of High-Performance Power Management Products for High-Volume Mobile Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – September 1, 2016 /Wire4Tech/ Fairchild (NASDAQ: FCS), a leading global supplier of high-performance power semiconductor solutions, today launched its most advanced digitally programmable buck-boost regulator for the power supplies used in smartphones, tablets and other battery-powered mobile devices. The FAN49103 regulator joins the rest of the popular FAN49100 family in meeting the critical requirements of these power supplies by combining the highest power density, the smallest solution size, the tightest transient regulation and best-in-class ripple performance.

“Our FAN49103 is an ideal buck-boost for virtually any smartphone, tablet or mobile device that can really benefit from the precious board space freed up by its extremely small solution size, which is 84 percent smaller than its closest competitor,” said Richard Lu, Vice President of Mobile Solutions for Fairchild. “The FAN49103 can also solve the excessive heat and brownout issues that designers of mobile devices strive to overcome.”

The FAN49103 can reduce thermal issues by providing a system power rail at the lowest possible voltage. This superior thermal performance prevents the excessive heat that can impact a device’s ability to function normally. This is a key advantage for smartphones as their small size makes them particularly vulnerable to excess heat. FAN49103 can also reduce or eliminate the need for heat sinks, which reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs, simplifies the design and saves additional board space.

The fast transient response of the FAN49103 counters brownouts by enabling larger pulsed loads to be supported, which reduces the effect of battery droop. It supports large loads up to 2.5A DC and can maintain a constant regulated output over the entire battery range so the system will operate normally despite battery sags.

The FAN49103 is complemented by other members of the FAN49100 family, including the recent FAN49101 buck-boost regulator used by several leading manufacturers, including LeEco, maker of smartphones, TVs and other connected consumer devices.

“The FAN49101’s ultra-low quiescent current can help to extend battery operation time, particularly from the factory to the end user’s hand. It simplifies the circuit design and helps in our logistic control flow. In addition, the excellent load and line transient response of FAN49101 helps system stability under wide operating conditions,” said David Kong, Hardware Manager at LeEco.

The FAN49103 is available today in a 20 bump WLCSP package that is only 1.6 mm x 2.0 mm. More information about Fairchild’s mobile power portfolio is available at fairchildsemi.com/mobile.

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