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Nigel Artificial Intelligence Learns Common Sense Via Observation

Kimera Systems today announced its Nigel™ artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology became the first commercially deployable artificial intelligence technology to observe user behavior, comprehend context, and derive a common sense set of actions to apply under specific circumstances. This groundbreaking achievement in artificial intelligence comes decades before many experts believe it will be possible.


Kimera Systems Delivers Nigel – World’s First Artificial General Intelligence

Kimera Systems announced the birth of Nigel™ – the world’s first commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices. Nigel was delivered at a birthday party held last Friday in downtown Portland by its creator, Kimera co-founder and CEO Mounir Shita. The Nigel artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology began learning immediately in the same way humans do: by observing the behavior of people with Nigel-enabled devices.


Kimera Systems Closes Initial Funding for Major Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Kimera Systems (, developers of the world’s first commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices, announced the closing of its angel round of funding. The funding, received from private investors, allows the company to begin scaling its breakthrough Nigel™ artificial general intelligence (or AGI) technology and bring it to market.