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Fetch-It: A Simple but Elegant iPhone App that Can Manage an iPhone User’s Personal Information

This new iOS mobile app enables you to store and then easily retrieve all of your personal information including frequent flier accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts, online accounts and most any other important personal information

WELLINGTON, Fla – February 21, 2018  /Wire4Tech/ – Mobilocity LLC ( announced today the availability of the company’s first mobile app called Fetch-It. The iPhone app is a simple but elegant mobile app that iPhone owners can use to manage their personal information.

Fetch-It has nine categories of personal information:

  1. Personal information
  2. Properties
  3. Credit cards
  4. Bank accounts
  5. Online accounts
  6. Frequent flyer accounts
  7. Car rental accounts
  8. Email accounts
  9. Other, user defined important personal information

Once the information is stored in Fetch-It, the user can quickly and easily retrieve it – typically with two taps. The system backs up to the user’s personal information in iCloud and requires a password to enter the app to keep it secure. It also requires re-entering the password if the app is not used for five minutes.

Dr. Purdy created Fetch-It after being frustrated for many years about the inability to easily store personal information and then retrieve it quickly when the information was suddenly and unexpectedly needed. He spent a year designing it so it would be easy to use – so that iPhone owners could quickly store and then retrieve any personal information stored in Fetch-It in just two taps.

“I tried many other apps that stored some personal information but those were typically part of a larger system that didn’t make it easy to retrieve information,” said Dr. Gerry Purdy. “I wanted to create a simple, focused app that addressed the problem of easily storing and then retrieving your personal information. Fetch-It solves the problem that users have been craving for a long time.”

Fetch-It is now available in the Apple App Store. You can download it for free (just type Fetch-It in the search area) and get to use it for a week at no charge. Then, if users like the app, they accept to notice on the screen and they will automatically be charged $4.99 through the embedded Apple App Store payment process.

About Mobilocity LLC
Mobilocity is a professional services firm headed by J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. The firm addresses the fast moving mobile and wireless industry for the enterprise. The firm publishes a weekly column authored by Dr. Purdy and does advisory work for vendors in the mobile and wireless space.

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Mobilocity to Produce the Mobility Awards Program

The Mobility Awards program is one of the top awards in the mobile and wireless industry. The program has been produced for over 10 years. Now, the Mobility Awards program is again going to be managed by Dr. Purdy and his team at Mobilocity. Nominations will be opened by the end of August

WELLINGTON, Fla., – August 4, 2016 /Wire4Tech/ Mobilocity LLC announced today that it will produce the 2016 Mobility Awards program.  The Mobility Awards program is well-known in the mobile and wireless industry. Nominations are accepted starting at the end of August. A number of respected press and analysts select the winners which are announced in early January typically at CES in Las Vegas.

“I am pleased to be producing the Mobility Awards again,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. “They have become the hallmark of the mobile and wireless industry. These awards represent the best and finest achievements in mobile and wireless during the past year.”

The Mobility Awards program was produced prior to 2013 by Dr. Purdy and during 2013-2015 by Compass Intelligence.

Mobilocity will announce the 2016 Mobility Awards program will be open for nominations before the end of August. Voting on the nominations in each category usually begins the in mid-November.

About Mobilocity LLC
Mobilocity LLC is a leading mobile and wireless industry analyst firm and is a trusted source of information regarding the mobile computing and wireless data communications industry. Mobilocity LLC provides market research, conferences, an awards program and writing services regarding mobile and wireless enterprise and consumer markets.  Mobilocity LLC is led by J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., a globally recognized authority on mobile computing and wireless data. communications.  He writes and publishes Mobile Letter, a newsletter that is published each week and is read by more than 100,000 people.  More information can be found at

Note:  Brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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